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The KGB called Donald Trump 40 years ago. This is what a former Russian intelligence spy told the British newspaper “The Guardian”. “He was ready to prostitute the anti-Western propaganda that they were celebrating in Moscow,” he said.

Colonel Yuri Schwitz (67) was sent by the Soviet Union to Washington, DC in the 1980s, where he assumed the status of a journalist for the national news agency TASS. In 1993 he moved permanently to the United States and became a US citizen. He worked as a corporate security advisor and was an accomplice of Alexander Litvinenko, another former Russian spy who was killed in London in 2006.

Shvets compares Trump to ‘Cambridge FiveFamous spies who transmitted British state secrets to the Soviet Union during World War II and the Cold War. They were just students when they were recruited, and then given important positions. Something similar to Trump happened: It appeared on the Russian radar in 1977, when he married his first wife Ivana Zelnikova, a Czech model. ” According to Schwitz, Trump was at the time the target of an operation carried out by the CIA jointly with the KGB.

“Very weak intellectually and psychologically”

According to Schwitz, in 1987, when Trump visited Moscow and St. Petersburg, this led to a meeting with representatives of the KGB. They flattered him, and asked him to enter politics. For them it was a witch attack: they gathered a lot of information about his character so that they knew how to play him. He concluded that he was intellectually and psychologically extremely weak and prone to adulation. So they took advantage of that. They acted as if they were a huge fan of him and that one day he should become president of the United States “because people like him will change the world.”

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Soon after returning to the United States, Trump had already investigated whether he could run for president. He also bought a large advertisement in some major newspapers with the headline “There is nothing wrong with US foreign defense policy that a small backbone cannot address.” This text contained some unconventional views on the Cold War, such as accusing the staunch ally of Japan of exploiting the United States, and questioning the participation of the states. United in NATO.Even the KGB were amazed at Trump’s behavior.Schwitz – who said he was present at the KGB headquarters in Moscow when the news came – did not believe that anyone would publish it in his name.

Election win

The real party of the FSB (the successor to the KGB) has not yet started: Trump won the presidential election in 2016. According to Schwyz, the Russians also participated. “The investigation by former FBI Director Robert Mueller may not demonstrate cooperation between the campaign and Russian agents, but an investigation he did.”Moscow Project“It turned out that there were at least 272 contacts and 38 meetings between the two parties,” the report said.

Schwitz wants to prove in a new book that Trump won the election with the help of the Russian government. “He was a pawn in the KGB. It wasn’t a big, creative plan“ We will work with this guy and after 40 years he will be president. ”By 1980, Russians were recruiting like crazy, attracting dozens of people. But Trump was the ideal target: his ego and narcissism made him a natural target. .

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