Executive Board President Anka Mulder fears research funding will be cut after the election

But Mulder believes they can and should speak out about the consequences of the choices parties want to make, following the Chinese Communist Party’s calculations of election manifestos and debates. “Withholding investment is simply unwise and alarming. This is about something; it is the future of the colleges and their districts.

“This is mega”

Mulder continues: If the Research and Science Fund ends, universities of applied sciences will lose 50 million euros a year in one fell swoop. “This represents twenty percent of their research funding,” the Chairman said. “it’s huge.” This, of course, is bad for HBO researchers, she says. “But especially for SMEs and the region. And we don’t forget our students. Research in higher vocational education, and therefore also at SAXION, has a direct link to education.”

Mulder says HBO research is not in competition with academic research at all, and should receive equal attention and investment. “We work with regional companies, but also with healthcare institutions and municipalities, for example. Our graduates also end up there. All of this is essential to keep the region lively and vibrant, and to stimulate innovations. This is where you will not find a university, with more research the basic.

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