Express delivery company Getir is cutting 2,500 jobs around the world | Economy

Flash delivery company Getir will undergo a major reorganization. About 2,500 of the company’s employees will lose their jobs, equivalent to more than 10 percent of its total workforce. According to Jeter, the reorganization would make the company more efficient. It is not yet clear what the consequences will be for Dutch employees.

The Turkish-origin company recently withdrew from a number of countries, such as Italy and Portugal, in order to better focus on countries where the opportunity to achieve profit is greater. Getir therefore remains active in the Netherlands, Turkey, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Getir said in July that it wanted to raise new money from investors. In a new statement about the reorganization, Getir said it is fully committed “to the future of the sector that it pioneered eight years ago and continues to lead into the future.”

Express delivery companies like Getir have grown rapidly during the coronavirus pandemic, when online grocery ordering gained popularity due to lockdowns. But despite this growth, the services were not yet profitable. High inflation made it difficult for businesses to win customers. In addition, investors are unlikely to invest a lot of money in new companies due to high interest rates.

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