Extinct animals come to life in augmented reality

He. She The project It is the result of a collaboration between scientists from the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History and designers from the University of Southern California (USC). They have created thirteen scientifically accurate models of extinct animal species such as the mammoth, the saber-toothed cat and the dire wolf for applications with augmented reality (EN). Digital images are displayed in the real world.

Originally, the team wanted to investigate the impact of augmented reality on the learning experience in museums, but they quickly concluded that realistic 3D models of extinct animals did not exist. They decided to create those models themselves. They did it using Existing Research in paleontology, so that the animals are depicted as realistically as possible.

The 3D models show how the animals moved, what color they are and what type of fur they have. In some cases, researchers had enough information to say with certainty that an animal really looked like this. With other animals, technical explanations have been used, as it is not possible to deduce enough from the rare fossils found.

Mammoet on your smartphone

The team chose to release the images at a lower resolution. This should ensure that everyone can access it, regardless of the device. This should also facilitate the presentation of animals in a scientifically accurate manner. Virtual animals should soon be viewable in a file metaverseThe shared virtual world that major tech companies are working on.

Animal models can already be shown on a number of existing applications. For example, you can scan the Snapcodes below to view animals in augmented reality.

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You can also see animals on Instagram. For that you have to go to Add Story, open the camera and then go right under Effects to View Effects. There you can enter the English names of the animals to view the models via your camera. A list of English names can be found at this link

Finally, you can also view models via Sketchfab on Apple devices. There you can find animals under the name “La Brea Tar Pits Low Poly Ice Age Animals”. After that, you can watch the virtual animals in augmented reality by clicking the AR button.

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