Russians shoot fleeing civilians, at least three dead of the same family

The government said that Russian forces advancing towards the Ukrainian capital shot fleeing civilians on Sunday The New York Times† No mother and her two children survived. Their father was seriously injured. His condition is unclear.

Hundreds of fleeing people attempted to cross the Irpen River via a destroyed bridge. The Ukrainian army had blown up the bridge to slow the Russians.

The Russians fired mortars that got closer and closer to the civilians, causing them to flee. But there was nowhere to hide. One of the bombs created a large cloud of dust, but also killed the three family members, two of whom were children.

The soldiers rushed to the rescue, but it was too late for the three of them. The man was seriously injured. His condition is now unclear.

Ukrainian soldiers were fighting nearby, but not where civilians were crossing the street.

Both on Saturday and without efforts were made to safely evacuate as many civilians as possible during the ceasefire. But twice this ceasefire was not respected.

The same battle near the bridge also injured another man, possibly a soldier, as evidenced by these shocking photographs. The family that did not survive the attack can also be seen in the background.

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