Extremely Strict Travel Rules for 27 ‘High Risk’ Countries

An entry ban will be in place this summer from 27 countries where the coronavirus is still rampant. This is what Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroek (Forwitt) said after the advisory panel. This entry ban applies to people who do not live in Belgium. Belgians returning from one of those countries must be in mandatory quarantine.

“Today we have to take a closer look at whether we keep the dikes with which we restore freedom strong enough,” Vandenbroek said. “This is partly due to passenger traffic and the risk of other variables.”

So, a list of 27 countries is approved. Belgians returning there will still have to comply with the mandatory quarantine. The entry ban applies to people who do not live here. There is an exception for diplomats and transport workers, for example, but they are also subject to quarantine.

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Included are Botswana, South Africa, Jordan, Congo, Qatar, Nepal, Brazil, UK, Bolivia, Paraguay, India, Uruguay, Georgia, Chile, Trinidad and Tobago, Colombia, Bangladesh, Uganda, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Namibia, Mozambique, Suriname, Peru, Pakistan

By mid-July, a more intensive contact tracing system will also be developed, going back more than a few days.

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