F1 in brief | Hamilton donates about 7 percent of his assets to charity

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Hamilton donates about 7 percent of his assets to charity

Lewis Hamilton donates about 7 percent of his assets to charity. This can be inferred from the data published by a non-governmental organization (NGO) Charitable Association Assistance Foundation† The organization estimates that Hamilton has committed more than €23 million in recent months to projects supporting inclusion, education and access to education in the UK. Given the seven-time world champion’s total value estimated at €330 million, this would amount to around 7 per cent of his total assets.

Ex-F1 driver thinks title fight is over: ‘I’ll put my money on Verstappen’

Max Chilton, a former Formula 1 driver with the Marussia F1 team, believes the current title race is already over. He believes it will be difficult for Ferrari and Charles Leclerc to close the gap to Red Bull Racing and Max Verstappen. “Everything seemed to be going well at first, but she’s out of shape and the problems are piling up,” Shelton said. TalkSports† “That’s not how you win a championship. The season is still long, but I will put my money in Verstappen.

Red Bull Junior with Crohn’s disease brings back F3

Red Bull’s Jack Crawford had to finish his Formula 3 season early a few months ago when he was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease, a chronic bowel disease. However, it is now clear that he can continue his racing career. Crawford takes his place again in the Trident at Silverstone.

Szafnauer supports technical change about porpoises in one case

Over the weekend at the Montreal Grand Prix, camping The topic of the conversation. The FIA ​​has issued new technical guidelines, but most teams, for a number of reasons, have not agreed to these guidelines. Alpine team boss Otmar Szafnauer has no problem with the FIA ​​making changes to… camping Provided that it remains fair to all.

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“It is up to the FIA ​​to help with safety issues,” Szafnauer said. Motorsport.com† “It wasn’t that bad in Canada. We asked our drivers to rate it and they gave it two. Despite the fact that the Alps didn’t make a strong jump, Szafnauer is willing to cooperate.” If it was really a safety issue and no one took advantage of it, I’m on to fine with her.”

Perez undergoes special neck training after injury in Canada

Sergio Perez is undergoing ‘pure neck training’ to ensure he is fit to race at the British Grand Prix. The Red Bull driver crashed during qualifying in Montreal on Saturday. Although the barrier effect seemed completely harmless, the Mexican later learned that he had sustained some damage to his neck. “I am into pure neck training to be 100 percent at Silverstone. Every sweat works differently because your body is in a different state all the time.”

Villeneuve on Russell: “If he beats Hamilton, his career will come true”

Although Lewis Hamilton has won the world championship seven times, according to former driver Jacques Villeneuve, George Russell is the future. Russell may be a little disappointed with Mercedes’ progress this season, but Villeneuve says there is no need. As long as he continues to drive better with Hamilton, it will give him a boost in his Formula 1 career. “He was fine with a tough car, all that matters is that he beats Hamilton. Then his career was made.

Danner on Hamilton: ‘It’s all business agreed’

in 7 . hangar Former Formula 1 driver Christian Danner described how it felt to be racing under harsh conditions in the 1980s. The Munich native vividly recalled his years in Formula 1: “I was tall too. I never rode a single Grand Prix without pain. Three years ago, I drove a Lewis. That was actually how Rolls-Royce felt. Mercedes star Lewis Hamilton jumped out of the car after a race The grand prize is in Baku as he agonized.” Danner says, “It’s all agreed upon. Hamilton got out of the car in a very theatrical fashion. It’s just about the springs and a few other things.”

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Norris’ energy source can be saved despite problems in Canada

McLaren can still fix Lando Norris’ power supply. The driver had engine problems while qualifying for the Canadian Grand Prix, forcing him to miss Q2. However, McLaren has not yet considered a net penalty for Norris. Andreas Seidl was quoted as saying, “We put our first power unit in it, so we’re only using two engines at the moment.” Racing lovers† “We can also fix the power unit, so there are no indications that we will not be able to finish the season with three engines.”

It is possible that Piastre will make his debut in the Alps in France

Oscar Piastre is very likely to make his Formula 1 debut with the Alps at the French Grand Prix. “I can tell you it won’t be Silverstone,” said Otmar Szafnauer, head of the Alpine team, when asked. Motorsport.com When the first Friday is scheduled for a piastry performance. “But it won’t be very long.” Motorsport understands that the choice has been made for the team’s home race.

Horner on Wolff’s ‘Theatre’: ‘Can you get a role in Hamilton’

Over the weekend at the Canadian Grand Prix, team bosses gathered to discuss issues surrounding camping Discusses the. Most of the team bosses were completely against Toto Wolff, after which the Austrian became very angry. “I think there was an element of theatre,” Christian Horner was quoted as saying. Race† Earlier, it appeared that Netflix was present in the conversation to record their parts campaign to survive† “Lewis Hamilton has a movie in the making, maybe Toto can get a part.”

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Red Bull Daruvala Junior Team participates in Formula 1 test for the first time on McLaren

Red Bull’s young Jehan Daruvala will make his Formula 1 test debut, however, he won’t be driving for Red Bull Racing or AlphaTauri. The Indian Formula 2 driver will lead a two-day test on behalf of McLaren at Silverstone. Daruvala was linked to another Formula 1 team earlier in his career. In 2011, at the age of 13, he placed second in One in a Billion, an India-based talent competition from Force India (now Aston Martin, Editor).

Sniffer dogs in Red Bull’s garage after the coronation in Canada

Ted Kravitz has Sky Sports He hinted that the police were in the Red Bull Racing garage during the podium party at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve. It was not clear what the police were looking for. “Red Bull employees were not allowed to return to the garage due to the presence of sniffer dogs,” the reporter said in a statement. Kravitz notebook† It is true that the police were in the garage, asks Kravitz, who nodded.

Magnussen unhappy with the FIA: ‘It is easy to influence them’

Kevin Magnussen sustained damage to his front wing after contact with Lewis Hamilton. Esteban Ocon also noticed this and said over the onboard radio that it could create a dangerous situation. Magnussen had to replace his wing running the race. The Haas driver wasn’t happy with that to say the least. He says he could have continued.

“I spoke to Ocon and he said he was joking about the onboard radio,” Magnussen added. ESPN “It is very easy to influence the FIA ​​in this way, but I understand that he does. I think you should just let us drive. Everything was under control and the car was in good shape.”

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