Facebook launches Climate Science Information Center in Bell …

Facebook is set to launch a climate science information center in our country on Thursday. Anyone looking for words related to climate on the social networking site will be recommended to visit the information center. There should be scientifically confirmed news and clear information about the weather.

In September last year, it was the turn of the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. The move comes after Facebook criticized its policy of disqualifying comment pieces for its external fact-testing. So false claims can spread anyway.

“Without the right knowledge for all of us, we cannot win the war on climate change. Facebook is an environment for global knowledge exchange and we know how important it is for all shared knowledge to be credible, especially when it comes to climate change,” Facebook said in a statement.

So all the information in the information center comes from “leading Belgian organizations in the field of climate change”. Facebook claims to collect more detailed information that goes deeper into the climate than general facts and tips. “You all have something. Are you diving into the topic for the first time or have you been researching it for years.”

According to Facebook, not only is the amount of information in the center increasing, it is also making improvements. For example, a section was recently added with facts that dispel common myths about the weather. For example, the increase in CO2 in the atmosphere is about stories that benefit plant life. Or polar bear populations will not decrease due to global warming.

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To provide the facts, Facebook is inviting experts from George Mason University, the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication and the University of Cambridge Climate Communication. Outside of Belgium, information centers are now being set up in Brazil, Canada, Ireland, India, Indonesia, Mexico, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Taiwan and South Africa.

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