Rockstar Games Searches for a TV Campaign Maker: Will the GTA 6 Trailer Coming Soon?

Will the first images of GTA 6 arrive soon? Posting a vacancy from Rockstar Games is a distraction for fans from the arrival of a trailer. The developer is looking for a “cinematic gameplay capture artist”.

It has now been nearly eight years since the advent of GTA 5. In recent years and especially since the arrival of the new generation of game consoles, such as PS5 And Xbox Series X, fans are getting more and more impatient to wait for the GTA 6 sequel.

Wanted: Photo maker for TV campaigns

At the moment, Rockstar Games has not announced anything about the release or potential development of GTA 6. although fans over the years have managed to pick up hints that seem to indicate a future release. One of these signals was captured last week, and Rockstar has been observed looking for one “Artist of capturing cinematic gameplay.” This is the one who has to work on creating a cinematic game inside a virtual 3D environment. These images will be used for trailers and TV campaigns.

One should also be a “world class gamer for an existing platform” and thus must be very good at developing games for PS5, PS4 and Xbox. Will that be for GTA 6?

GTA 6?

Whether a person will be working in GTA 6 or some other project cannot be deduced from the job description: Rockstar himself keeps it “in a bunch of projects”. However, fans think it’s GTA 6 and we can expect a trailer and maybe even gameplay for the new game in the coming months.

Although this news is nothing more than a rumor, it could also be a remake of GTA 5 and GTA Online. These releases will reach the next generation of gaming machines in the second part of the year.

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