Spring weather for a whole week: Temperatures up to 19 degrees

Photo: Ryckmans Noël, Tongeren

This weekend, we can expect the first spring weather and the rest of the week looking good. Temperatures reach 19 degrees Celsius. These temperatures also affect nature. “Many animals will wake up from hibernation.”

Friday it will stay fairly cool with around 12 degrees in Flanders, but it looks good from the weekend. Saturday and Sunday temperatures reach 16 degrees and the sun is veiled. Temperatures also rise for the rest of the week. Monday’s highs will be between 12 and 18 degrees. For Tuesday we can count on 16 degrees and even on Wednesday the temperatures rise to 14 to 19 degrees.

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Can we already say that spring is in the country? “That depends on your definition of spring, of course.” Weather scientist David Dehenau says, “It will be much warmer next week, but it’s not really exceptional.” “Not really that a week of good weather means we’re left the rest of the year. Temperatures aren’t just going up now. Next weekend and early March, temperatures will drop again. But now we have the coldest weather. “


However, it is hoped that the temperatures will not drop much after the next week, as this could have negative effects on nature. It will depend on how much they fall. Another week of snow will do damage, because the plant buds will start working again, says Wim Verraggart of Natuurpunt. But it must freeze hard in order to have a negative effect. They can handle something. For example, -1 ° C is not really a problem. ”

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For the weather to be fine next week, we will not only notice from the sun. “I actually saw butterflies in the garden here this morning,” says Verragertert. “It’s amazing what a little sun can do. We’ll probably see more next week. I’m also expecting frogs, frogs, bumblebees and maybe hedgehogs. Those are the animals that were usually still hibernating. This warm weather is too early for those animals,” But in the 21st century, we have already had a lot of these strange moments. ”

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