The UK is almost completely cut off from the outside world due to the mutating Coronavirus

Many countries, not just European countries, have restricted air traffic from the UK. Passengers are also banned from ferries and the Canal Tunnel is closed for at least 48 hours for traffic to the European mainland. Harbor Dover Closed to all trucks and passenger cars at early night.

Transport Federation Vitra You expect that the entry ban from the UK will have dire consequences. Although, strictly speaking, trucks are still allowed to enter the United Kingdom from Belgium, “carriers will not leave if they are not sure whether they can return.” They think this will have a huge impact on the sector.

“As Brexit approaches, shipments to the UK have increased by 50 percent in recent weeks,” Isabelle de Mayecht From Vitra. “Of course, this is all over. For companies that specialize in moving to the UK, this will lead to a loss of business volume, in addition to the uncertainty that Brexit already entails.”

He left recklessly

Yesterday evening is also the last for the time being Eurostartine He arrived in Brussels from London. Which will be fully charged. Several other travelers hurriedly left. “This morning I had to pack everything up at the last minute,” says traveler Christina Armahotova. Traveler Gala Gossett said, “There were no tickets, so I had to take first class.” “I paid 500 euros for two people.”

Airline Brussels Airlines More clarity is required from the government now as travelers from the UK are no longer allowed to enter our country. All flights were canceled today as a result, but most of the passengers on those flights are, in fact, transit passengers, traveling to other countries.

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It is unclear if they are still allowed in from Great Britain, he says. Kim DainenA spokesman for Brussels Airlines. “It is very important to us, as the majority of passengers on board UK flights, 75 per cent in fact, continue our flights to our African destinations. We hope to find out more today,” the spokesman said. The airline awaits more details.

The British government is in crisis talks today. There is also an emergency European consultation on a joint approach to the new variant of the Coronavirus.

Hear from Home Secretary Anneliese Verlinden (CD&V) in the morning:

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