Family of Al Jazeera journalist who was killed in an Israeli air strike: “This is the “safe” area that the occupation army talked about” | The Israeli-Palestinian conflict

The journalist’s family was in the Nuseirat refugee camp in the Gaza Strip at the time of the air strike. The family, who originally lived in Gaza City, stayed with relatives in the refugee camp to escape the Israeli bombing.

Despite the Israeli evacuation order, Al-Dahdouh was the only one who remained in Gaza City to continue his journalistic work, according to what Al-Jazeera reported. “What happened is clear: this is a series of attacks that targeted children, women and civilians. I just came from Yarmouk because of a similar attack. The affected journalist said as he left the hospital: “The Israeli attacks hit many areas, including Nuseirat.” “This is the ‘safe’ area that the occupation army talked about.”

Al-Dahdouh, who is from the Gaza Strip, enjoys great fame in the Arab world. He is from the Palestinian territories and has been reporting on the situation in Gaza for years.

Following the killing of members of the Dahdouh family, the Qatari Al Jazeera channel issued a statement condemning the attack. “The indiscriminate attack launched by the Israeli occupation forces led to the tragic loss of his wife, son and daughter, while the rest of his family members are still buried under the rubble. The Nuseirat camp in central Gaza targeted their home, where they took refuge after they were displaced due to the initial bombing of their neighborhood, following a call Prime Minister Netanyahu for all citizens to move south. Al Jazeera is deeply concerned about the safety and well-being of our colleagues in Gaza and holds the Israeli authorities responsible for their safety.

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