‘Fantasy drama’: Netflix adds message to ‘The Crown’ trailer after sustained criticism

So, the streaming service never wanted to add a disclaimer, but it was eventually resolved, including criticism from actress Judi Dench. It called the storylines in the new season “grossly incorrect” and wanted the streaming service to show that the series is fictional “out of respect” for the late Elizabeth.

Earlier, former government leader John Major was also criticized. He described the new season of The Crown as “a load of rubbish”. Major criticized, among other things, a scene in which Charles, still a prince at the time, had a conversation with Major in which the Queen’s abdication was discussed.

The BBC also notes that the trailer for the new season includes a reconstruction of Martin Bashir’s controversial 1995 BBC interview with Princess Diana, which came too late after Bashir forged documents to communicate with Diana. In the series, she says that she “will not leave in silence, but will continue to fight until the end”, but she never says that during the real interview.

The fifth season of the Netflix series will be released on November 9. In the ten new episodes, the nineties are discussed, when Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced.

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