Felix van Groningen and Charlotte Vandermersch shot an Italian bestseller together

Director Felix Van Groningen is working with girlfriend Charlotte Vandermersch to adapt the film for an Italian bestseller. The Eight Mountains Van Paolo Cogniti.

After his American adventure beatiful boyWith Steve Carrell, Timothy Chalamet and others, Van Groningen will stay in Europe. Van Groeningen and Vandermeersch not only write the script together, they’ll also share the director’s chair together.

This scoop is a logical choice for both – it’s the right project at the right time – after collaboration Days without loveAnd the Close circuit broken at Belgium. the book The Eight Mountains It is a worldwide bestseller that has been translated into no less than thirty languages.

Van Groeningen and Vandermeersch will be helped by Ruben Impens as deeply rooted values Director of Photography And Niko Leonin, mechanically. Menuetto’s Hans Everaert works as a Belgian producer. Mario Gianani and Lorenzo Gangarossa of Wildside, a part of Fremantle, are Italian producers.

The Eight Mountains It is a joint Italian-French-British-Belgian production between Wildside Productions (Italy), Fremantle Corporation, Pyramide (France), Elastic Film (UK) and Rufus / Menuetto (Belgium).

The story revolves around Pietro and Bruno, the town boy and mountain boy, who became friends when they were 11 years old. A strong but heartbreaking friendship that was the only constant in their lives for thirty years.

As in previous Van Groeningen films, it also features The Eight Mountains Friendship, family, destiny, and acceptance are essential. With the pristine nature of the Italian Alps as a backdrop, the story exudes a longing for a simpler life.

To make the film as original as possible, Van Groeningen and Vandermeersch chose to shoot the film in Italian.

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Van Groeningen is looking to be behind the camera again this summer: “It seems to me that the combination of Coregi and Charlotte, the collaboration with a high-level international team and the support of my regular team, are the right ingredients for a special new product to step in my career as a filmmaker.”

“The purity and honesty with which the main characters in the film live their lives and they search for meaning and happiness deeply affect them,” he continues. “I think this story will inspire and comfort people around the world.”

Vandermersch joins him: “Felix’s request to direct the film together came unexpectedly, but at the same time it seemed very normal. After a year of intense toil over the script, we realize that we are a complementary couple.

“It would be a great exciting adventure to make this deceptively simple yet multi-layered movie together,” she continues.

Wildside is an Italian production company known for the HBO series Young Pope And the The new Pope From Paolo Sorrentino and the series My brilliant friend By Saverio Constanzo. Wildside belongs to the Freemantle group.

Pyramide Productions is a French production company formerly belonging to Groeningens Belgium He participated in the production. Elastic Film is a British production company from Louis Tisné, which it has previously, among others Welb By Jonas Govarts.

Menuetto is the production house of Hans Everaert, who for many years was the general manager of Menuet, the Dirk Impens production house. Rufus is van Groeningen and Vandermeersch’s production company.

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