FIFA president Infantino threatens not to broadcast Women’s World Cup: ‘Offers disappointing’

Gianni Infantino has been very disappointed with the bid so far for the broadcasting rights of the Women’s World Cup. So much so that he threatens not to broadcast it. “It is FIFA’s moral duty not to sell this event for a rupee,” he said at a World Trade Organization event.

The FIFA boss said the bids from the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Germany and France were “a slap in the face to all players and all women around the world”. He definitely expected another zero from everyone. “The bids for the men’s World Cup are between 100 and 200 million, but between 1 and 10 million,” he explained.

Do not broadcast
He thinks that if the amount is low, he will unfortunately have to take unpleasant decisions. “If the amount does not increase, the event will not be broadcast in 5 major European countries.”

This year marks the first time that broadcasters will bid separately for the Women’s World Cup. Earlier it was in joint agreement with other competitions. From this year, all these are disconnected from each other.

Equal payments
In March, after being re-elected as FIFA president, Infantino indicated that he was working on a plan to equalize the fees for the Women’s and Men’s World Cups in 2026/27. However, he calls on all broadcasters to immediately sit down on television rights.

Women’s Soccer World Cup
The Women’s World Cup starts on July 20 in Australia and New Zealand.

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