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Australian authorities have called off the search for a fisherman who has been missing in the north of the country since Saturday. Human remains have been found in the stomach of a crocodile which was found upstream near the place where the man disappeared.

Kevin Darmody, 65, went missing on Saturday while fishing along a river in Rainero National Park (Lakefield) in far north Queensland.

A mile from where Darmody disappeared, two crocodiles measuring 4.1 and 2.8 meters long were found. The animals were captured and euthanized by the authorities. Queensland Police said Wednesday that an autopsy found human remains believed to be from Darmody in one of the crawlers. Police suspect that crocodiles dragged the man into the water when he wanted to roll his bait from the bank.

Although Darmody’s suspected remains were only found in one crocodile, conservation officials are convinced that both crocodiles were involved in the incident. Forest alligators kill “all together, just 10 seconds apart,” according to a spokesperson for the Department of Environment and Science.

The official identification process has not yet been completed, but the search has since ceased.

On a local Facebook page, Darmody is described as a very experienced fisherman who knows the dangers in the area well. “For this to happen to someone who has always been very aware of the existence of crocodiles means again that you should always stay away from the water’s edge and leave nothing to chance,” the letter reads.

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