Filemis: Consulting with the Taliban does not mean that we have to change their government

Secretary of State Sophie Wilmès (MR) says if we are to safely evacuate backward citizens, consultation with the Taliban is inevitable. “We must stand up for our values ​​at all times,” he said.

Today from Brdo, Slovenia, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmès (MR) announced that it remains her priority to quickly and safely remove Belgian citizens and related persons from Afghanistan. Therefore, Belgium strongly urged European coordination to complete the evacuation. This was also agreed upon,’ says Willems. “We will also have to work with international partners. The UK appears to be an appropriate partner in this regard, as it is roughly in the same position as the European Union.”

Women’s rights

To ensure safe passage, operational consultations with the Taliban are inevitable for our country. In doing so, we must at all times stand up for our interests and values, such as respecting human rights – especially the rights of women and girls – and the rights of minorities. Neither should consultation be confused with official recognition of a new regime.

Earlier today, the UK said something similar. During a visit to Pakistan, British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab said about 15,000 people could not have been evacuated from Kabul without some form of cooperation with the Taliban, who captured Kabul on August 15. “We see the importance of direct contact,” Raab said.

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