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Full-time healthcare jobs are important to both employees and employers. Therefore, full-time employment must be promoted.

Bjorn M. Johnson, a Labor member of Byrom, presents a full-time flag case for Labor on August 31 in a position in Podstica.

The PvdA does this before every election. But there isn’t much to hear between elections. So little that, in a poll given by the Local Government Association last week, Labor ranked worst when it comes to part-time work.

In the Partial Union Report 2021, the Labor Party tops the list of the worst part-time involuntary councils, while the Center Party ranks second.

The PvdA makes it seem as if it is easy to terminate involuntary part-time employment. The truth is that there is no quick fix to amplifying shifts in the health care system.

I am a former member of the Perm Municipal Cooperation Committee, where we worked on sick leave and from part-time to full-time. Both the employee and the employer have to work on this continuously and increasing salaries, increasing employees and services to live with are the keywords.

We need good, knowledgeable healthcare professionals who want to work full time, get the service they want, and last but not least – stay on the job.

In government, the Liberal Party was constantly working to increase the workforce in the municipalities. More healthcare professionals are working in municipalities than before. We have strengthened the municipal economy so that municipalities can operate more and improve supply and employment.

The Liberal Party worked in government with preventative work, such as school health nurses and mental health staff extensions. This is a job we want to continue.

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Maybe we need to take new steps to get a full time job at GGD. Employees may need more leverage in their day-to-day work, so it’s easier to have a shift that can live with that.

This requires something from the parties in working life, both the employer and employees. VVD believes that it is possible to find good solutions for all parties. This calls for cooperation and readiness to search for solutions, not slogans, every four years.

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