Qunun Shaman pleads guilty to storming the Capitol

Chansley was part of the group that stormed the Capitol on January 6 while the results of the presidential election were being confirmed. The man, known as “The Shaman” for his striking appearance, left a message to Vice President Mike Pence that read: “It’s only a matter of time. Justice is coming.”

He was arrested a few days after the storming of the Capitol. Chansley faced 20 years in prison, but because he pleaded guilty, he could face another prison sentence of 41 to 51 months, excluding the eight months he already spent in prison.

Chansley and his colleagues at the Capitol on Jan. 6.Environmental Protection Agency’s photo

Chansley’s lawyer argued on Friday that his client had been suffering from “personality disorders” for several years, which were exacerbated by a period of solitary confinement. He asks for patience and compassion for people like his client “who are not violent but have mental problems”. The judge also sees psychological problems with Chansley. According to the court, he is not aware of the seriousness of his actions and will view his actions as “peaceful and well-intentioned.” So the court believes that the man does not have a good picture of reality.

The man has previously said he is a supporter of the QAnon movement, which believes that members of the American elite are Satanic Satanists. Chansley is said to have given up on the movement.

Judgment will be followed on November 17.

600 people were charged with participating in the storming of the Capitol in January, as Congress passed the results of the presidential election. The storming followed a speech by outgoing President Donald Trump, who called on his supporters to take action after Democrats “stole” his victory. With so much footage of the chaos circulating across social media, it often took very little effort to track down suspects.

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