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What is this?

First aid for toothache is the help needed While waiting for necessary dental care. After all, it is not always immediately available. This usually relates to the treatment of pain and/or infection.

He has a toothache Various reasons:

  • Mechanical irritation (drawing air, grinding teeth);
  • Thermal irritation (cold, heat);
  • Physical irritation (sweetness or sourness).

The most common reason is tooth decay (caries).

Second: It is caused by the exposure of the tooth canals in the root Gum recession.

Reflux disease, where stomach acid flows back into the mouth, can also be a cause.

Toothache can also occur after dental implants are placed Dental fillings.

Finally, toothache can be a sign of diabetes infection From the soft tissue surrounding the tooth, the spinal canal, or the bone to which the tooth is attached.

How do you recognize him?

What a toothache is is self-explanatory, however a reason It is often less easy to detect.

  • Holes sometimes appear. Heat (hot drinks) and cold (ice cream) can be painful for cavities.
  • You can recognize canalitis by severe, throbbing tooth pain on contact with heat, which improves with cold.

When it spreads to surrounding tissues or bones, it occurs Swelling and pain. Sometimes you can only open your mouth to a limited extent.

Grinding your teeth (Teeth grinding) is often noticed by the parents or partner during sleep.

How does your doctor diagnose the condition?

Your doctor will not always be able to determine the cause of tooth pain. He or she will recommend that you get one as soon as possible dentist For consultation.

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What can you do yourself?

Make sure you get Teeth are well preserved. Go to the dentist every year, even if you have no complaints. Brush your teeth daily.

Avoid irritating foods and drinks. So it is better not to eat or drink Sweet, cold or warm Things when you have a toothache.

You can always Paracetamol Takes. If it does not help, you should go to the dentist.

If your gums are receding, you can use a Suitable toothpaste to use. Your pharmacy can help you with this.

What can your doctor do?

Your doctor can make one if necessary Stronger analgesic recipe.

If the infection spreads to the bones and abscess For reasons, your doctor will refer you to a dentist. Antibiotics are rarely indicated.

Follow after that dentist treatment.

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