Fit for a King: 21 Quiche Recipes

King Charles III will be crowned this weekend, which will be celebrated across the island with a special coronation. Because variety is key, we’ve rounded up 21 quiche recipes. And let the party begin!

A party would naturally include cake, but Camilla and Charles oddly chose a traditional French recipe to pay tribute to the new British monarch. Quiches of quiche naturally come from Lorraine – hence quiche Lorraine (with pork belly). But of course there are many more recipes for quiche.


The base is a puff or shortcrust pastry base. It has an airy mixture, mostly egg and cream based. Thus it is Royal quiche Spinach, broad beans and fresh tarragon filling. The Coronation Quiche was not without controversy, by the way, and not just because of the French touch. For example, the dough contains lard, which makes the recipe unsuitable for Muslims. In addition, the United Kingdom has for some time been struggling with a severe shortage of eggs – one of the basic commodities. Also, broad beans are not an obvious ingredient for people who don’t have a lot of money, certainly not in times of economic crisis.

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Luckily, there’s no meal as versatile as this delicious pie. First, you can fill it with other vegetables like broccoli, chicory, leek or tomato. You can enjoy meat, cheese and fish varieties. For breakfast, lunch or dinner, you can eat the dish hot or cold, with or without a side dish or salad… Choose your favorite from these quiche recipes.

Our best quiche recipes
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