Fleming testifies about the chaos in Austria: “Many cars were stuck, without snow chains.” News

The Christmas holiday began in parts of Austria in chaos due to a storm with strong winds and heavy snowfall. Flemish Tijl Bex, who lives in Austria, drove from Innsbruck to Salzburgerland on Friday. “A lot of people were stuck without snow chains,” he says. “I’ve seen many Belgian license plates.”

look. “Many cars with Belgian license plates have trouble on the mountain pass.”

Teagle Peaks drove from Innsbruck to Salzburgerland on Friday evening. He had to go through a snowstorm and succeeded in crossing a mountain pass before it closed. “They couldn’t keep up with the snow clearing at the top of the pass. We just overtook it. They closed the pass after us.” It was only reopened to traffic on Saturday.

Many ski lifts remained closed on Saturday. “We are currently experiencing a blizzard,” Bex continues. “Unfortunately it is raining downstairs. The snow line is about 1,200 meters high. At the top there are winds of 80 to 90 km/h, which will probably keep many ski lifts closed.

Difficult traffic

Also on Saturday, traffic remains difficult in Austria towards the winter sports areas. Traffic was mainly delayed on Saturday afternoon on the A10 from Salzburg to Villach, says a Dutch ANWB spokesman. There is a two-hour traffic jam between Salzburg and Werfen. There are also holiday crowds on the German A7 and A8 towards Austria and in France on the A43 from Lyon to Chambery.

look. “Skiing conditions are perfect, but soft.” This may have consequences for snow quality

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