White shark hunting begins after a deadly attack in Sydney

A runaway great white shark attacked and killed a swimmer on Wednesday on the east coast of Australia. Many beaches in Sydney have since been closed.

Drones and drum-Technology has been deployed off the coast of Sydney to catch an aggressive shark. The animal attacked a 35-year-old man who was swimming off the Little Bay neighborhood in front of some passersby on Wednesday. Emergency services have arrived at the scene, but the shark has already caused catastrophic injuries. The incident caused great shock to the local population, as it has been nearly 60 years since another fatal attack.

Marine biologists say the shark is at least three meters long. The local authorities are trying to seize the animal with all their might. Boats and drones survey the water and six different planes drum lines erected. They use large hooks with a bait that sharks bite into, and then release them into a deeper part of the ocean. Utilization drum lines Controversial: Trapped sharks often die before they are released, and other marine creatures also fall into the trap. The great white shark is also listed as a vulnerable species, but is one step closer to an endangered species.

A sign warns swimmers not to go into the sea due to the imminent danger of sharks.

Photo: afp

Thirteen closed beaches

Thirteen beaches around Sydney have been temporarily closed to the public, including the popular Bondi Beach. Authorities recommend staying out of the water. This is difficult, because it is summer there, and the temperature is close to 30 degrees. “A few silly surfers are still out for a risk, but most of us wait for it and stay out of the water until the sharks are gone,” said Sydney resident Karen Romalis. Reuters

In the meantime, a charity swim in the ocean was postponed out of respect for the victim’s family and friends.

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