Follow the unveiling of the Google Pixel 7 (Pro) and Pixel Watch

At 4 PM, Google will reveal its brand new smartphones: the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. We also get to know the much-anticipated Pixel Watch. Watch this live broadcast.

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This is how you watch the Google Pixel 7 live stream

We’ve been looking forward to it for a long time, but… 4 pm Dutch time The time has finally come. The “Made by Google 2022” event will then start, which will focus on the new Pixel phones and smart watch. We already knew that googleThe hardware was coming, but it will be officially revealed soon.

Curious and want to follow the presentation? Then you can use the above YouTube stream, which can be viewed on almost all devices. This way you can check it on your smartphone, or stream it to files Chromecast or a smart TV. This also allows you to watch the action on the big screen. Useful: If you set a reminder via YouTube, you will automatically receive a signal when the keyword is started.

As mentioned, the new smartphones Google Pixel and pixel clock central during the event. But perhaps Google has another surprise waiting for us. For example, the company could offer the Pixel Tablet at a larger scale, while rumors are also talking about a foldable Pixel phone.

Here’s what you can expect from the Pixel 7 (Pro)

Lately, it’s almost all about Google Pixel 7 And the Pixel 7 Pro leaked. This is how the pictures appeared with the full specifications lists And even suggested retail prices. Google itself puts very little effort into keeping the devices secret; For example, the company has already shared several videos about the Pixel 7 (Pro) and Pixel Watch.

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The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro look pretty much the same with Pixel 6 And the Pixel 6 Pro. The back is different because the cameras are clearer. Almost nothing has changed at the front: the phones still have a screen with thin bezels and a small hole for the selfie camera. The Pixel 7 has a slightly smaller display (6.3 inches), while the Pixel 7 Pro has a 6.71-inch screen.

Google Pixel 7

In addition, new Google smartphones Android 13They have a new and fast processor, there is a fingerprint scanner under the screen and the casing is made of glass again. Cameras are getting better: rumors are talking about a better zoom function and a feature for taking macro photos. These are close-up shots.

Pixel Watch is the company’s first smartwatch. The watch will have a round OLED display with a physical button on the right. The smartwatch will work closely with the Google Assistant, last up to 24 hours with a full battery, and is suitable for making phone calls and making mobile payments.

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