Psychology, science, and improvisation in the theater

An evening at the theater where pearls of insight are hidden in view. Many people draw their strength from the psychology performances in the theater. Psychologists, musicians, and actors know how to touch and inspire you with sensitive play and necessary humor. At the moment, programs are being offered about dealing with love relationships and the amazing world of dementia. Discover it now in the theater!

Dementia in the theater

Scientists and psychologists with PhDs in dementia in theater are discovering new insights into (coping with) dementia every day. Their job is to share these ideas with you, so you can get more in touch with your loved one or your customer. In order to use the full potential of people with dementia and yourself. During the theatrical performancebye momWith vibrant scenes and beautiful music, you put yourself in the shoes of a person with dementia. Scientists and psychology have investigated what makes people with dementia truly happy. Success factors and ideas about dealing with dementia are shared during the impressive presentation.

After the huge success of “Dag Mama 1”, the directors decided to stage a second show about dementia in the theater. in ‘bye mom 2“We go down to the deepest layer of a person with dementia. You learn to understand where violent behavior really comes from and why dealing with dementia is often so difficult. Both shows are currently still being shown in different theaters. Visit one or both theater productions and find out how much You can give it to a loved one or a client with dementia.

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Musical theater is about dealing with love relationships

Enjoy a unique and unforgettable evening with theatrical performance”closerThis production full of humor, emotion, appreciation and ideas about love has already influenced many people. Psychologists and stage makers have worked on this performance for over 6 years. During the show, you will discover, among other things, how you can discuss sensitive topics and how to transform disagreements. In your relationship to a closer connection. In addition, you will receive various tools and powerful insights from the psychology of love. Hilarious, well-known and influential for people who have been married for 40 years as well as singles. You can visit the exhibition in different theaters in Holland and Belgium.

Experience the unique blend of psychology, science and humor!

Over 300,000 people visited the theatrical performances “Dag Mama 1” and “Dag Mama 2” and more than 80,000 people preceded you in the “Closer” show. Experience the unique blend of science, psychology and stand-up comedy in the theater! Performances are performed in various theaters in the Netherlands and Belgium. Easily order your tickets online.

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