For example, gender-neutral movie prices can actually lead to gender inequality

The Golden Calves have been considered gender-neutral since 2021. This appears to be an important step for women’s liberation. But to achieve equality, we must first look at what we consider a societal experience an interesting role, says film journalist Rozje van der Kamp.

The Golden Calves will be awarded on October 1, after the annual Dutch Film Festival. They have been gender neutral since last year. That is, there is no longer any award for best male and best female role, but only one award for best role, which can go to either a male, female or a non-binary person. This appears to be an important step for the emancipation of women and the inclusion of non-binary actors. However, in the past year there has been a lot of criticism right away, and not just from society that thinks gender-neutral pricing is bullshit.

Although the nominations were evenly distributed, with a 40/60 percent split for female and male actors respectively, four out of five gender-neutral acting awards (Best Feature Film, Best Supporting Actor, and Best Leading Actor in Drama Series and Best Drama Series (Supporting Actor) went to a man. The only acting award given to a woman was…

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