Rutte praises Britons at first European ‘neighbours’ summit

Photo: ANP

British Prime Minister Liz Truss received compliments from her colleague Mark Rutte at the first summit with leaders from almost all over Europe, and it was her first appearance in such a company. He praised the leading role played by the United Kingdom in the European resistance against the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Rutte said the leaders would also discuss the troubled relationship between the UK and the EU at the Prague summit.

Truss’ arrival at the top of the new European political community is considered a huge success by the organizers. The new prime minister had previously criticized the initiative to bring together the leaders of 44 European countries. The British government, which is still arguing with the European Union over the implications of Brexit, fears it may end up in an EU project. But that is also not the intention of the new consulting platform, Ruti is also quick to reassure himself over and over again.

“The relationship between the UK and the EU will also be on the agenda,” Rutte said as he arrived at the summit on Thursday. The Netherlands is traditionally committed to maintaining good relations with the British. Neighbor and ally will remain important to Dutch security and economy even after its exit from the Union.

And Rutte wants to “really praise Truss for British leadership” since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February. He said the British had had “the necessary conversations in Europe to organize ourselves”.

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