Rutte praises Brits at first European ‘neighbourhood’ summit –

PRAGUE (AP) — British Prime Minister Liz Truss has won praise from her colleague Mark Rudd at the first summit with leaders from across Europe, her debut at such an institution. He praised the UK for playing a key role in the European opposition to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Rutte said the leaders will also discuss the troubled relationship between the UK and the EU at the Prague summit.

Truss’s arrival at the top of the new European political community is considered a great success by organizers. The new prime minister has previously criticized the move to bring together the leaders of the 44 European nations. The British government, which is still arguing with the European Union about the consequences of Brexit, fears ending up in the EU plan. But that’s not the purpose of the new advisory platform either, Rutte repeatedly asserts himself.

“The relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union will also be on the agenda,” Rudd said at the summit on Thursday. The Netherlands has traditionally been committed to maintaining good relations with the British. A neighbor and ally will remain important to Dutch security and economy even after she leaves the union.

Rutte wants to “really appreciate Truce over British leadership” since Russia invaded Ukraine in February. The British had “necessary negotiations to organize ourselves in Europe,” he said.

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