Football supporters form a front against rioters in the Netherlands …

Supporters of soccer clubs are increasingly forming a front against rioters in the Netherlands. They say through their own channels that they do not allow young rioters to destroy the city or loot stores. And as on Tuesdays in Den Bosch and Maastricht, we put our money somewhere.

At Den Bosch, their club fans warned: “Only for players who think they’re going to make a mess again tonight, it won’t be! You have been warned. Keep your feet away from our beautiful city and stores and far from the hospital.” Groups of supporters defended De Rompert Shopping Center against the rioters on Tuesday. There were no irregularities.

In Maastricht, hundreds of MVV supporters marched in silence from the station to Vrijthof on Tuesday evening, in a friendly and peaceful atmosphere, to protect the city from rioters.

Eindhoven fans were also on the move in Eindhoven. Part of the hard core guarded Phillips Stadium on Tuesday evening. Fans also stand behind their club and town hall in other cities. For example, there are reports of warnings to rioters from the circuits of Heracles, Go Ahead Eagles, AZ and NEC.

Minor disturbances

Amsterdam police said a large group of young men and boys caused a brief period of anxiety on Tuesday. Light the fireworks. The mobile unit, which is certainly present, worked for a while by forming a line, after which most of the youth slipped and peace returned.

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In central Breda, police ordered a large group of people to return home on Tuesday evening. Several arrests have also been carried out in the city. People walked into town and the police collected them. Then the agents asked them to return to their homes. According to the police spokesman, a large number of them responded.

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17 people were arrested in southern Rotterdam and the city center due to, among other things, the gathering and the inability to prove their identity. Police are in abundance in the city after the riots the previous day and are checking for people walking in groups on the street. The curfew went into effect at 9 pm, after which it was forbidden to be on the street without a good reason.

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