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“Few years ago I was struggling with my health. I was often tired and DownHe had bad bowel movements and frequent stomach pain. My hair was dull and it was not the condition of my skin that I write about at home. Long story short: Not my best period. The hard part was that I had no idea where my complaints were coming from. Even, during a lazy evening on the sofa, I stumbled upon a documentary about the bad effect of food. There was nothing else on TV so I commented. At first I was skeptical and it seemed to me that my complaint was related to my diet, but after half an hour I completely absorbed and was on the edge of my seat.

Then I ended up in a trap and listened, read, and watched all about the importance of a healthy diet. Especially with regard to the ban on meat, dairy and processed products. I made it my mission to live as healthy as possible and of course my husband and three children cannot be left behind.

the challenge

That was a huge challenge. Oat milk, only wholegrain products and meat substitutes: They didn’t want any. But when they realized that her mother would not change her mind and that I was the home cooker, they complained. They carefully handed out sweets and together we emptied the snack cabinets. For my husband, giving up on meat was especially painful. But in the end it even succumbed to a vegas bacon and beet burger.

It’s still not going well. If you let them choose, they’ll likely eat something completely different. But when we sit down at the table and see that there is healthy food in front of them, I feel very proud. You took care of that well.

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Unfortunately, this pride is overshadowed by an enormous sense of guilt, which gets worse day by day. It started a few months ago when I worked overtime. On my way home I had to pee if needed, and stopped at the first exit I saw: McDonald’s. It was around 8pm, and I hadn’t eaten yet, and the smell from the kitchen was the best I smelled at that time.

Less than five minutes after emptying my bladder, I was in the car with the Big Mac on my lap. Since then I do it a lot. Just go through the fast food chain and get one of those oily faces, to watch my kids eat a plate of long-toothed quinoa once at home. Meanwhile, I sometimes eat unhealthy food at home. It turned a place in the house into a kind of safe snack. A cupboard, in which I know nobody but me, is filled with chocolate, potato chips and candy. But I do not participate.


When my daughter recently had her first period and said she had heard from friends that chocolate relieves pain, I gave her a bar with 98% cocoa. Very bitter of course. She did not like it. Later in the evening, I ate a creamy bar of milk chocolate that I had hidden myself. On the one hand, I think my family deserves the truth, but on the other hand, I like to eat healthy food and hope to rid myself of this temporary relapse. I know I’m a bluff, but I don’t dare admit it either. If I did, wouldn’t I lose my credibility as a mom? “

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