How did Leiden University wake up?

Woke Meter uses seven criteria to assess whether a university is concerned with racism and social injustice against minorities. The seven W are:

  • Is everyone welcome at the university?

  • Is English the language of instruction at the university?

  • Is excellence frustrating?

  • Decolonization: Is the university taking “decolonization” measures?

  • Are there “diversity servants” in the university?

  • Is there a safe place at the university?

  • Are there procedures to hire more women?

Anitje Otto, Chair of the Executive Board, responds to the Leiden University degree.

W’s Leiden

Half Watt Leiden in the first point: Everyone is welcome† No discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict could take place, and neutrality and security could not be guaranteed. The university stated that mediator Dida al-Zubaidi was not impartial, as she is very pro-Palestine.

A true diversity army is active in Leiden, led by a true diversity officer. Then you also have a collection of audio boards and an embed blog for the voices of students who have offended. Big W for Diversity OfficersSo!

And congratulations to W’s for Decolonization Measures Because of the symposium “Decolonization of knowledge” and nice W for safe spacesbecause of Leiden’s STAR formula: A safe space to talk about race.

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