Professional juries gave this S10 the most points (and we got nothing from Belgium)

With De Diepte, the S10 scored significantly better with professional juries than it did at home viewers. The singer received 129 points from the jury and 42 points from the audience.

0 point jury for Germany

Most of the points (283) from international professional arbitral tribunals went to the United Kingdom. Singer Sam Ryder has earned “doze points” from Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Germany, Belgium and France. Germany was least popular with professional juries. The country got 0 points and is now at the bottom.

Ukraine won the Eurovision Song Contest because viewers at home voted in droves for the country.

After that, the S10 was slightly disappointed with its 11th place finish, but very grateful for its sharing. “I was hoping for a slightly higher position,” says S10. “But I look back at the entire period with a feeling of happiness and gratitude. All the kind reactions I received are very good to me. I opened my heart to you and received so much in return.”

Professional jurors in these countries gave our S10 points:

Italia 12
Denmark 10
Switzerland 10
Ukraine 8
Austria 8
Slovenia 7
Portugal 7
Albania 6
Lithuania 6
Finland 5
Norway 5
Germany 4
Armenia 4
Greece 4
Iceland 4
Latvia 4
Azerbaijan 4
Georgia 4
France 4
Poland 3
the black Mountain 3
Croatia 2
Estonia 1
Israel 1
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