Queen Maxima discusses employee financial health

Queen Maxima will attend a conference next month on the “financial health” of corporate employees. During the June 23 meeting, which will be held in Deloitte in Rotterdam, the importance of financially healthy employees will be discussed. Secretary Carola Scotten (Poverty Policy, Participation and Pensions) will also attend.

At the conference, a national platform will be launched “in which corporate managers commit to measuring and improving the financial health of their employees,” according to the government information service. The Queen will give a speech explaining how organizations can use the platform to help employees with debt.

Regulators SchuldenlabNL, Deloitte and VNO-NCW report that half of households with registered debt have a breadwinner working in a business. Employees with debt are often less productive due to, for example, poor mental and physical health.

Máxima is present as President Emeritus of the SchuldenlabNL Foundation. This is a platform that has been working since 2018 to free the Netherlands from debt concerns. The organization supports the scaling up of successful approaches to debt relief.

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