Wearing a knee brace while running: Does it really work?

Do you have a problem with your knee? Then you might consider wearing a knee brace. A knee brace applies pressure to the joint and muscles to support the knee. This can relieve pain and provide stability to the knee. But does this really work? We asked sports physical therapist Ronald Derksen.

When do you need a knee brace while running?

Do you feel unstable while running? Or are you afraid your knee will bend? So a knee brace can be a good tool, but this is primarily a mental thing. “It doesn't do much to relieve pain, but it can help if you're feeling unstable. That's because your brain gives you the feeling that there's something around it that makes you feel more confident,” Derksen says.

What is the best knee brace for running?

More flexible knee braces are often used for running. However, it is important that the brace fits snugly and does not apply pressure to the brakes while running. “Otherwise you can walk like crazy and then you can strain your other leg or another part of your body,” Derksen says. According to him, it should at most have some sort of flexible support – and your freedom of movement should not be limited. Are you curious about what species exist? These are different knee braces.

When should you not wear a knee brace while running?

A knee brace is certainly not the best solution for knee pain, and it is not Quick fix Just to continue. “You shouldn't try to mask the signals from your body with a knee brace,” Derksen says. did you get hurt? Then you need to investigate the cause and address the problem. You can use the knee brace preventively for anxiety or feeling of instability in the knee for a psychological effect. However, it is a risk that she will ultimately not dare to live without.

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In short: A knee brace can be a good mental tool for feeling more confident while running. Are you really in pain? Then you should not continue running steadily, but rather go to a physical therapist (athlete).

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Ronald Derksen is the owner of Hardloopfysio, a sports physical therapy and sports podiatry company. As a sports physical therapist, he specializes in running injuries. He is also an avid runner with over 40 years of experience.

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