Soap in De Panne continues: City Council Mayor Mark Hosby resigns

Soap in De Panne continues: City Council Mayor Mark Hosby resigns

“I have just tendered my resignation as mayor of the city council, OCMW council and as chancellor for our municipality. The past few weeks have shown me that my family and my health take precedence over my political commitment,” apparently on Facebook.

New town hall tonight

This move by Mark Hausby may also have consequences for the tense political situation in De Ban. Last week, there was a change of authority with Ann Vanheist becoming mayor in place of Bram Degrek.

City Council President Mark Hosby then allowed a vote of no-confidence as acceptable, followed by the historic vote. 11 votes (opposition parties DAS and CD&V Plus along with N-VA Board Member Cindy Verbrugge and Independent Board Member Marc Hauspie) outperformed the other 10 Board members.

Thus, Mark Hausby’s vote, as an independent, was decisive. But now Stefan Ponty will take his place from the ACT! E. Tonight there will be another town hall in De Ban.

Degreek’s reaction: ‘Housby’s brave choice’

Meanwhile, ousted Mayor Degrek responds with a press release.

“I have great respect for the decision that Mark makes today. Mark was actually between two fires the whole time, but he chose the other side at a certain moment. Once he signed, he couldn’t come back, and he was under tremendous pressure, I guess, from both sides. I also dealt with him. With difficulty in recent days and weeks. It has not been easy for him and those around him. He pulls the plug now is a brave choice. To me, this preserves his honour. I also hope that the people of De Panne see it this way. You have to be a strong man to take responsibility this way. Mark, his family, and his environment are my personal friends, and politics won’t stop them anytime soon. Sure, when everything settles down, we’ll have a pint together again!”

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