For Good measures your carbon footprint

Today we conclude our sustainability week with an app that confronts you with your carbon footprint. Do you often take the car? Do you always vacation by plane? Then wet your chest. The app of the week this time is For Good.

for good application

The point of the app isn’t just to slap you in the face by understanding your fingerprint, it’s there to help you improve it by giving you tips on how to do it. The app makes you think about the energy you use, how often you take the car, etc. The advantage is that he is not too pedantic, but rather confrontational.

Anyone can sign up for For Good, but the app wants to get some data from you, with or without Facebook. When you sign up, you will immediately be asked questions: How often do you travel (between) continents, and how often do you take the train, tram and bus? But he also wants to know how often you use the car and whether you eat meat or are vegetarian, for example. In our opinion, there should have been more options: for whatever house you live in, we lose, for example, the option to indicate a corner house or other types of houses.

very simple app

In terms of options, they can all be a little more comprehensive and this also applies to tips. For example, it is advisable to get rid of the heating elements regularly and offer a vegetarian meal to your children. Unfortunately, these tips are not very personal: I do not have children, for example, and I already eat vegetarian. In addition, the application is very simple, and there is no comprehensive program that you have to follow. However, you can challenge your friends and family to do some kind of footprint race via a challenge.

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On the other hand, this app is mainly about awareness and it definitely delivers that. Plus, you can re-enter it every week and hopefully see your footprint smaller. However, in our opinion, the application could be more comprehensive: including, for example, how long people take a shower or reward them if they use their bike more often. This makes it a somewhat more positive app, as you can do more than now. But again: anyone can download this app, so even if you’re just doing it to find out how big your footprint is: fill it out and you’ll instantly know more about your impact on this earth.

App of the Week: For Good measures your carbon footprint

Check your CO2 emissions

The For Good app is now available for download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

for good

for good

For Good is an app that counters your carbon footprint. With your answers, you learn the size of the printout and get tips on how to reduce it. ..

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