For the first time, dangerous bacteria have been found in US soil

According to the CDC, most cases of melioidosis occur outside of the United States. But last year, four people in four different states were diagnosed with melioidosis After using a deodorizing aromatherapy spray sold at Walmart. Officials said two of the four died.

Symptoms of melioidosis are nonspecific and vary from person to person, the CDC said, but symptoms include fever, localized pain or swelling, chest pain and headache. People with diabetes, heavy alcohol consumption, chronic lung disease, chronic kidney disease, and immunosuppressive conditions are more susceptible to the bacteria. Prompt diagnosis and antibiotics are important, officials said.

B. Pseudomonas aeruginosa isn’t the only thing in the soil that can cause disease.

Valley fever, also known as coccidioidomycosis, is an infection caused by a soil fungus in the southwestern United States and parts of Mexico and Central and South America. It’s contracted by breathing in microscopic airborne fungal spores, though most people who inhale the spores don’t get sick, the CDC said. About 20,000 cases in 2019 The agency was informed, More from residents of Arizona or California.

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