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“Don’t eat with your mouth open,” “I can look at your stomach now,” or “Stop chewing.” Eating with your mouth open? Absolutely notOn the table etiquette book. Although it’s not a bad idea to let that pile of food between your teeth take a breath, according to a new study from Oxford University.

If there’s one thing we’ve learned at the table since childhood, it’s to eat with our mouths closed. If we now sit at the table with a “collector”, everyone’s body will be tickled. We don’t really need to see the chewed food roll through your mouth like a concrete mixer.

Thus, the fact that everyone enjoys food with closed mouths has been a norm for many years. Unfortunately, a new study from Oxford University has thrown a wrench into the works. Because it’s you flat Do you eat with your mouth open? It will be the best way to fully enjoy your meal. “So we’ve been doing it completely wrong for years,” says British professor and experimental psychologist, Charles Spence.

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An Oxford study showed that chewing with your mouth open releases certain substances that cause aromatic compounds to form in your mouth. They eventually reach your nose. “When that happens, olfactory sensory neurons are stimulated, which are cells that have an effect on that part of the brain that processes smells,” said Professor Spence. Fortunately, the result of this physical formula is simple: your food will taste better.


Nor should we underestimate our sense of touch and its effect on our perception of food

British professor and experimental psychologist Charles Spence

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The study also showed that eating without a knife and fork (only with your hands) offers the same benefit. “We should never underestimate our sense of touch and its impact on our perception of food. Research has shown that what you feel in your hand can alter certain aspects of the taste experience.”

“Take an apple, for example,” says Professor Spence. “When we first feel the soft feel of the leather on our hands, we’ll start to appreciate that sweet, juicy crunch after the first bite.”

Delicious alternatives

It’s good to know, but will we soon have a “fantastic feast” in every restaurant, where everyone also eats with their hands? Don’t panic, fortunately there are a number of alternatives.

1. Mindful eating. It’s a method where with every bite in your mouth you force yourself to focus and ask yourself a series of questions. How does this taste? Is it hard, soft, crunchy, or chewy? What emotions does this food evoke? Dietitian Sunny Moha helps you on your way in five simple steps.

2. Chew well. Thoroughly chewing everything you eat or mashing it into a small paste beforehand can reduce pressure on your esophagus and, according to some studies, make you more sensitive to taste in some cases.

3. Do you eat alone? Then just taste it. Although it is delicious in the presence of others.

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