Forspoken preview – Does Square offer Fall’s PS5?

As part of the Summer Weeks, we regularly provide previews of the games that will be released next fall. Previews based on everything we know and seen and above all express our expectations. Based on what we know, are we looking forward to the game in question or not? This time it’s Square Enix’s turn: sincere† An ambitious, somewhat western-looking RPG for Square that should be released in 2022. If there’s no delay. Because you never know today. How do Gilly and Cos see this game? Made by the people at Luminous Productions (Final Fantasy XV fame). You can see and hear it in the Forspoken preview.

Gorgeous chick and great bracelet

Forspoken is all about Frey Holland. This feisty aunt is mysteriously relocated from New York City and ends up in the beautiful country of Athens. A magical bracelet is inexplicably wrapped around her arm, and Fry discovers that with her, she has the ability to cast powerful spells and use magic. Which is useful, because not everything is as beautiful in Athens. Fry calls her new bracelet “Cuff” (why not) and sets out to find the way home. Apparently it’s not that cool out there after all.

Forspoken preview: Will this be one of the fall’s best songs?

Forspoken is an RPG. An offshoot of sports where Square Enix feels completely at home and has of course also scored well in the past. The title is designed to take full advantage of the power of the PS5, which is supposed to provide a great gaming experience and solid graphics. But this is all PR language. Do we believe that all these promises will come true? Is Forspoken a title high on our wish lists? You can see and hear it in this Forspoken preview.

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