Giant African snail provides quarantine measures

Since 1966, many US states have suffered from the infestation of the snail and have already invested about 10 million euros in fighting it. Last year, the giant African snail was declared extinct in America after years of fighting between humans and pests. Unfortunately, at the end of June, the animal was again spotted by a gardener in Pasco County, Port Richey region of South Florida.

The giant African snail, including the shell, can reach more than 25 cm in length and weigh up to 700 grams. They mainly occur in areas with many crops and eat about five hundred species of plants. The snail is especially dangerous, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture, because it eats rat poop that contains a worm that can cause meningitis. The slime of the snail can pass between crops that the inhabitants then eat.

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The state has closed off certain areas with many crops so that they can be treated with chemical pesticides against slugs. The ministry now wants to eradicate the giant snail once and for all, affecting its ability to reproduce. At this time, residents have been warned to report snails and to wash and cook vegetables thoroughly.

source: RTL

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