You can dream of: Staying among the clouds in a nuclear-powered luxury hotel

Billionaires Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson want to make short, commercial space travel popular among the wealthy. But before such trips become commonplace, inventors want to go one step further and allow tourists to stay in the clouds for longer periods of time. That’s why 3D artist, amateur inventor and dreamer Hashem Al-Khaili designed it. Ski cruise, after an earlier design by artist Tony Holmeston. The flying, luxurious hotel has everything you’d find on a cruise ship, but with a view of the clouds instead of the sea.

The Ski cruise There is still only one design and according to Al-Qaili, it will only be possible after 2030. The plane does not land upon takeoff, and guests arrive later by flying shuttles or regular flights. Because it costs a lot of fuel to put the thing in the air, the artist wants to run the machines on nuclear power. It hasn’t been received yet, it sounds like. The United Kingdom has been working on developing a small nuclear reactor that could be mounted on an airplane for some time. “Those miniature reactors are expected to be operational in 2029,” Al-Qaili said.

However, skeptics doubt that the Berlin artist’s project will ever get off the ground. “The laws of physics, gravity, and aerodynamics all suddenly don’t apply,” blared the social media post Al-Qaili created his design for. Ski cruise He shared. However, the man doesn’t care about the criticism and is sure that one day flying will be completely different. “Or as Einstein said, ‘If the original idea is not absurd, there is no belief in it’.

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