France threatens to retaliate against the UK in fishing dispute

For example, France is threatening to reduce its electricity supply to Jersey and take measures in the financial services and research sectors.

“We have been very patient, very patient (…) the British do not want to issue a certain number of permits. Not because they have no information, but because they have made the political choice,” Boone said.

Eleven countries, including Belgium, signed a joint statement on Monday criticizing the UK’s response to the fishing licensing issue. France called for a European front.

A post-Brexit agreement, signed between the UK and the EU late last year, allows European fishermen to continue working in some British waters. They had to have a permit, as they had to prove that they had fished there before. But the French and the British are debating exactly what evidence to provide for this.

London and Channel Island in Jersey have granted just over 200 final licenses in the respective fishing grounds (6-12 nautical miles off the British coast and the Channel Islands). France orders 244 more.

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