Frànçois and the Atlas Mountains

Throughout his life, Frànçois Marry has sailed back and forth between France, his country of origin and the United Kingdom. Over the years, Marry has also released a lot of albums, some of them are solos, but the most famous one is with the Atlas Mountains. The French / British independent band hasn’t reached the audience yet, but with 1982 The group has already managed to collect more than five million streams. That song can be found on the band’s sixth album and now after three years of waiting, we’re introducing a new, full-length song.

Just like Christine & The Queens or Charlotte Gainsbourg, Frànçois Marry also has a hard time choosing between French and English. That’s why he happily alternated between the two. “Julie” is an example of a song that combines the two. Don’t expect complicated formulations, but something super easy on the ear. The delight of “Julie” and “Coucou” is the opposite of, say, “Lee-Ann & Lucie,” another one dedicated to a woman or two. Here the French sings in his native language and although the language often creates a warm atmosphere, there is still distance between Mary and the listener. However, the cool song brings something exciting with it. It’s as if you are in a fresh breeze enjoying the warm sunshine.

From a breath of fresh air Blue banana There is little. Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains’ seventh album brings little innovation. The beats are often fairly basic and we’ve also heard guitar and piano parts before. Anyone who wants to hear something new should not immediately indulge in this LP. Many of the songs are not very distinctive, but for example the second half of “Revu” is. Like most of this album, it feels nostalgic, but is also futuristic, as if it belongs on the soundtrack to an old science fiction movie. Not a giant Disney movie, but a movie of European quality.

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Right Blue banana It begins with the phoneme “The Foreigner” and ends with the electronic “Dans un taxi”. From a dreamy summer day in a lavender field to a dark alley on a cold night, he thinks Clear the streets for me From Fever Ray. Frànçois & The Atlas Mountains take you on a journey and we literally go from A to B. The warm and previously discussed “Julie” at the beginning and the cool song to Lee-Ann and Lucie we find it again in the second half. The catchy Tourne Autour song might seem out of place on the B side at first glance, but in addition to the dance, the song also has something sad, which makes it suitable for songs like “Gold & Lips.”

Comfortable, this is how we describe the new album of Francois and the Atlas Mountains in one word. Wear it on a Sunday afternoon, while you calmly read the newspaper or fold the laundry and have a solid musical frame. Music lovers looking for innovation and unexpected twists will not find it here often. However, Frànçois Marry knows how to take you into his world and that Blue banana Slowly developing from one to the other makes listening more private. Not every song is equally memorable, but all may be there.

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