New System Shock Trial, Play Now

New trailer for Nightdive Studios‘New edition of System shock Introducing the new updated combat system. The trailer also begins with the new demo, which aims to show the player a small portion of the final product. A demo for Windows can be downloaded at GogAnd the steam And the Epic Games Store.

Resistance is useless

The trailer takes you to the restored castle, the space station where the crazy AI is. When the fearsome halls and rooms initially have a ghostly deserted look, they quickly turn into a blast against the station’s zombie-like creatures.

Does he know what’s going on?

The development stage was not without struggle, but all the difficulties made the final product better. These reports Knight Dive In the February update on Kickstarter. The game is still scheduled sometime this year at the end of the summer. Players who previously ordered the game will receive it System Shock 2 Enhanced Edition There for free. This release has been released from Part Two so that it can also play on PC today.

Have you ever played the new show, is it a thing? Do you remember the original? I’d love to hear from you below.

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