French fishermen are campaigning in Jersey for naval ships immediately after Brexit

Later in the day they spoke to the authorities of the British island. According to the fishermen’s spokesman, that conversation “was not very positive”. In the afternoon they sailed back to France.

The two British naval ships are patrolling a few miles away, according to the BBC. France also sent two patrol ships this morning.

European Affairs Minister Bonn told Agence France-Presse that France would not be subject to intimidation. He has discussed the matter with Britain’s Brexit Minister Frost. “We don’t want tensions,” says Boone. “We just want fast and full Brexit implementation.”

According to UK reporter Tim de Wit, it appears Jersey has adapted the rules independently, but there is already support from London. Prime Minister Johnson immediately dispatched a number of naval ships to Jersey, he says, indicating it.

The fact that elections are taking place today, not only in Scotland but also in other parts of the United Kingdom, also plays a role in the military support Johnson provides to Jersey, according to De Witt. Johnson would like to send a message that he is not abandoning his people.

The European Commission is mediating the case. A spokesman for both sides called for calm.

The fishermen arrived early this morning:

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