Fresh in time? It is better to leave these carbonated drinks

Wait, because these sodas are the worst for your health.

doctor. Pepper? I will not listen to this “doctor” from now on. It’s the oldest soft drink brand in America and is now also available in Holland, but unfortunately we have to debunk the myth: This drink wasn’t invented by a doctor. But with 240 calories and 65 grams of sugar, you might already have figured it out.

The fresh lemon-lime drink contains more sugar than 10 Oreo cookies in a small bottle. Anything but a healthy option.

Classic Pepsi contains a lot of sugar, namely 69 grams. Better to leave this alone.

Coca-Cola, but with a hint of vanilla. Tasty it may be, it’s definitely not healthy. The drink contains 260 calories per bottle and 70 grams of sugar.

The famous Fanta drink with a refreshing pineapple flavour. It almost sounds healthy, but all the health benefits of pineapple are hidden in this drink. With 300 calories, 90 mg of sodium, and 80 grams of sugar, it’s best left for now. Fanta scores pretty high anyway, and the soft drink brand’s fruit flavors are even worse.

harmful to your health

Of course you can drink a coke now and then. But a can of soda every day is really bad for your health. We often only look at the amount of sugar or calories, but soda can also be detrimental to your overall health.

A glass of soda every day can cause rotting teeth, because soda bites up to ten times more than soft drinks. It affects certain substances in your DNA that make you look older and damages your liver. Just Thought You’d Be Healthy By replacing that glass of wine with a glass of Fanta, it turns out that fresh fructose goes straight to your liver, putting you five times more likely to develop fatty liver disease. Due to the high amount of added sugars, you can also get type 2 diabetes and even heart disease.

Diet and no drinks are actually the same bad thing

The Nutrition Center advises that you should drink as few drinks as possible with sugar. Many people then think that they are making a healthier choice by using bland and bland products, but they are actually just as bad. It may contain fewer calories, but it contains other substances that are harmful to your health. Like aspartame. These products also contain many acids that can affect your teeth. Do you really want to make a healthy choice? Then go get water. Do you find that a bit boring? Refresh your water with delicious, healthy flavour.


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