Wearing a hat or hat? This has these advantages

You may already be wearing them, but hats and caps aren’t just in fashion. They can also enhance your health. We list the advantages of headgear.

A hat or cover for protection from the sun

On hot summer days, wearing a hat or hat is a great help against the sun’s rays. It covers your scalp (part of) your face and neck. This ensures that you will burn less quickly in these places. However, do not forget to apply sunscreen. Your skin is still indirectly exposed to UV rays. This is harmful and can cause skin cancer and aging of the skin.

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As mentioned above, a hat or cap can cover your face. As a result, your eyes also benefit from shade. You will be less bothered by bright sunlight shining in your eyes. This means that you don’t have to limit your eyes to the sun’s rays, which can prevent headaches.

summer headache

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If you sit in full sun, it’s no surprise that you can warm up quickly. Your body temperature can rise faster when the sun burns on your body. This increases the risk of heat stroke. By wearing a head covering, you can prevent a faster rise in your body temperature and thus also heat stroke.

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