The United Kingdom faces a week of rail woes


The UK is preparing for a three-day rail strike this week, the biggest since 1989. This move may spread to other sectors as well.

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Rail union RMT, which has been demanding pay rises in line with rising inflation, announced in early June that more than 50,000 rail workers would be laid off on June 21, 23 and 25. Rail traffic may also be severely affected on other days this week. Last-minute talks were held on Monday, but they too failed to resolve the issue.

“It is very disappointing to see disruptive and self-defeating strikes taking place this week. Strikes will not solve long-term problems, we need to ensure that our railways, which are used and loved by the public, are fit for purpose for the long term,” said Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister’s spokesman.

Also problems in metro and airport

Also, strike action on the London Underground network will take place on June 21, coinciding with the first day of the rail strike. There is fear of great confusion. Employees complain about pensions and work pressure and about 10,000 workers are said to be out of work 24 hours a day.

Meanwhile, the strike threatens to spread to other modes of transport such as bus companies. Several mobile unions have also called on their members to vote on a possible strike. Education, health, employment and other sectors may also stop functioning in the coming period.

There are currently no strikes at Heathrow Airport, but there are big problems there too. About 30 flights were canceled due to a technical glitch in baggage handling, preventing the departure of around 5,000 passengers.

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