Friends rent a boat but they have a lot to say…

The blue boat got stuck halfway to the edge of the dam and threatened to fall meters away
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Four friends on a ride on an electric charter boat were talking so much that they lost sight of what was going on around them. Not even for the warning signs that they were too close to the Longhorn Dam in Colorado (USA).

A spokesperson for the Austin Police Department said that when the women noticed that the small electric boat had drifted near the embankment, they panicked and called 911. But it was too late. The light engine could not handle the strong current and the boat was in danger of falling to a depth of several meters. Miraculously, the little chariot remained above the dam.

“The women were remarkably calm when the rescue services arrived. Because they knew that any sudden movement could be fatal.”

The first lifeboat failed to pull the boat away from the dam. A heavier boat could cause a lot of waves to fall off the boat eventually, emergency services were able to get the women to safety.

They stated that they did not see the warning signs at Longhorn Dam because they were talking and having fun.

When the police asked them if they would crawl into such a boat again, they honestly agreed: “It won’t happen again.”

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