The accused truck thief was arrested in the United Kingdom

The accused truck thief was arrested in the United Kingdom

This was reported by West Flanders’ attorney general’s office, Department Vern. Noel M., who was involved in a series of crane and trailer theft incidents.

Gangs from Ireland and Great Britain may be linked to a whole series of similar thefts across the West Flanders. They were active mainly in the regions of Weirn, Newford and de Panne, but they also expressed their identity in Lopem, Ruizelite, Rosler and Wevelzem. Between September 30, 2016 and February 28, 2018, they committed a total of twelve crimes. Various types of cranes, excavations and trailers were stolen during the thefts. The stolen items were resold throughout the channel.

Opposition to handover

Noel (54) and Damien M. (55) The brothers were suspected by investigators to be key figures. Damien M. in particular. Not new to the courts. He had already revealed similar facts in the United Kingdom, but that person was also involved in the IRA (Irish Republican Party) attack in the 1990s. The brothers were arrested, but they successfully resisted surrender. On January 5, 2021, Weir’s criminal court sentenced them to five years in prison. Following that ruling, Noel M again appeared at the end of May. Weirs’ public prosecutor therefore urges the British court to extradite him. If M is handed over, he can resist his belief. In that case, he could get a new trial

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